Mission & Vision

Angel ZOË

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Our Mission

Angel ZOË is a 501c(3) Organization based out of Houston, TX with a mission to assist, inspire and educate single mothers in our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to assist our community in three focus areas we feel will provide sustainability and increase quality of life for both single mothers and their children.

  • Affordable Housing
  • Business Development and Mentoring
  • Personal Development

Motto: Angel ZOË gives

Angel ZOË is a nonprofit organization committed to assisting, uplifting and inspiring single mothers through community efforts and building affordable housing.

Angel ZOË sister company of ZOË Construction Int’l. has partnered with Wautashi Construction Company in a collaborative effort to provide affordable housing throughout the Houston, TX area. We take pride in building state of the art 3-D Printed Homes with smart technology. ZOË Construction Int’l. Is recognized as a double minority business certified with the city of Houston, TX. and holding certifications as an SBE, MBE, HUB and Section-3 business

Our exceptional work stretches from Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and Texas as we continue to build our legacy.

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